Information transparency

The ACS Group has a commitment to complete rigour in the information it transmits, always respecting the interests of its clients and of the rest of the company’s social interlocutors.

This general objective of transparency is stated by means of the following guidelines:

• Transmitting the Company’s overall corporate strategies, as well as those specific to each of the Company’s business areas, to the outside world
• Projecting the Group’s business reality so that the Group’s different stakeholders recognise it as being sound and well-managed in Spain and abroad
• Contributing to the make-up of a positive corporate image which aids in the achievement of business objectives and in commercial activity
• Maintaining a fluid relationship with the Group’s various interlocutors.

The ACS Group manages its commitment to transparency to its stakeholders through the operating companies themselves, through investor communication and relation and shareholder service departments, as well as through the ACS Group website.


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