The ACS Group’s General Code of Conduct constitutes a guide for the professional performance of all the Group’s employees and managers in relation to their work, the resources used and the business environment, as well as for all the investee companies in which the ACS Group has control of management.

The basic principles for action in the General Code of Conduct are as follows:

• Integrity: the ACS Group promotes the recognition of behaviours appropriate to the ethical principles of good faith among its employees, as demonstrated in loyalty to the company and in defence of Group interests; compliance with the laws in force; honesty in management and prohibition of bribes and corruption; avoiding any kind of behaviour and procedures constituting unfair competition; and commitment to confidentiality. Furthermore, the Group establishes its commitment to the current tax rules in each country or territory where it is present, preventing the concealment of relevant information, the illegal avoidance of tax payments or the obtaining of improper tax benefits. In this matter, the ACS Group has adhered to the Spanish Tax Agency’s Code of Good Tax Practices.
• Professionalism: the ACS Group’s employees and managers must be characterised by their high level of professionalism, based on efficient action and focused on excellence and quality in service. In this regard their behaviour must be based on the principle of quality and innovation of its products and services; client orientation; efficient use and protection of business assets; establishment of stable relationships based on trust and mutual benefit with collaborating companies and suppliers and the commitment to information transparency.
• Respect for People and the Environment: the ACS Group assumes the commitment of acting in accordance with the United Nations Global Compact, to which it has adhered since the beginning. In this regard, all the actions taken by the ACS Group and its employees shall maintain scrupulous respect for the Human Rights and Civil Liberties included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Based on this, the relationship of the Group with its employees, as well as the relationship among employees, therefore, shall be based on the following commitments:

- Promoting the professional and personal development of all of its employees, ensuring equal opportunities.
- Non-discrimination on the basis of race, nationality, social origin, age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, ideology, political or union opinions, religion or any other personal, physical or social condition.
- The Group companies commit to maintaining a training policy for their employees’ learning and personal and professional development.
- Commitment to health and safety at work, providing its employees with a safe, stable environment, continuously updating the measures for preventing labour risks and respecting the applicable regulations in this aspect in all the places where it performs its business activities.
- Eradication of child labour.
- Eradication of forced labour.
- Respecting minority rights.

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